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More About Me!

How I got here.

I have been on a rollercoaster my whole life when it comes to my body and the way I feel about it. From being severely underweight for the bulk of my childhood to packing 45 pounds onto my 5'2" frame shortly after I began college.

I have a deep understanding about the way our bodies change, and the fluctuating feelings that come along with that. I always wanted to be a woman who went to the gym, but for whatever reason, I could never make that stick. I didn't know what to do in a gym. I didn't understand the correlation between exercise and nutrition. And I was severely misinformed that most if not all of my exercise should be cardio-based. 

In 2018, I had had it with myself. I decided to join a 90-day HIIT challenge (high intensity interval training) thinking that in 90 days, I would have a complete transformation. I was devastated when, on day 90, I had lost about half a pound and just a few inches. I had worked my ass off! And for what? That's when my then-boyfriend (now-husband) suggested I start lifting weights.

We went to the gym a few times. He helped me get comfortable. Mostly. I was still shaking the first time I walked in by myself. But I went, and that's what counts. Shortly after, I hired a trainer for a little while. Then I found dalalovesdumbbells on Instagram as well as Kelsey Wells. I decided to give Kelsey's PWR program a try and stuck with it for over a year, making a lot of progress! I coached myself for a while after that, and ultimately went back to Dala to hire someone from her staff to be my coach. I really flourished with Dala, and in my 6 months with her, I learned enough to coach myself and became inspired to want to coach others.

This is not an easy road. There are setbacks and obstacles and things that get in your way. But there is also a determination not to give up. On the days where I have wanted to quit the most, I've asked myself, "What would happen if I didn't quit?" And so I want to ask you, "What would happen if you just started?"

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