Train With Britt

Helping people find joy, nourishment, empowerment, and confidence through food and fitness!


About Me

I am a Certified Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach! I focus on helping people understand how diet and exercise impacts physique and long-term health and wellness. I believe food should bring you joy and nourishment. I believe exercise should empower you and fill you with confidence.  


I would love to help you learn to eat and exercise in a way that can sustain you for a lifetime!


Britt's workouts are fun and challenging. I always feel like she listens to my own personal needs and goals regarding my workouts and overall fitness. She's responsive, creative, and knows when I need to be pushed a bit more. I appreciate it so much that she takes the brain work out of wondering what I'm going to do that day. I leave the gym feeling accomplished!

Blair R.

I wasn’t even looking for a lifestyle coach, but Brittany reached out at a vulnerable time with compassion and a heart ready to serve. Even though we are 3,870 miles apart, her electric energy, calming voice, and structured messages generate a professional yet friendly presence. She is refreshingly honest and has provided sound support to navigate my limiting beliefs to move forward with more authenticity. 

Brittany unleashes new perspectives and will chime in with valuable and relatable stories to motivate. Her resources and tools are solid and exactly what is needed to work toward success. If you are looking for a coach that will manifest what you need to see your vision transform into fruition without wasting time on ineffective methods, Brittany is your coach. Where I am at today, mentally and physically, could never have been reached without this incredible human. I highly recommend her!

Ashley M.


Brittany is such a kind and knowledgeable person. I cannot say enough how she encouraged me in a time of self doubt in my own journey. Even though I was working with another trainer, Brittany saw my question on a fitness group and was so generous and endlessly giving with her knowledge. It really helped me navigate through the weeds of information, the hesitation of trusting the process and overall just the encouragement to stick to what I was doing. She no doubt will be a valuable asset to anyone looking to change their life and learn along the way! I definitely recommend Brittany!

Amy Leah S.